Electronic Gas Pedal

26th of August

Small but important update. The throttle pedal is mounted using a BMW throttle mounting clip. I salvaged this from a 2004 X5. Tobad it doesn't fit directly onto the existing mounting hole in the floor, but a small metal adapter plate was fabricated to facilitate the mounting of the M8 bolts.

bmw x5 clip
z3 throttle mounted

23rd of jul:

A visit to the car-scrapyard rewarded me with a suitable connector for the throttle pedal. As soon as I got home I wired it up to see if it worked or not. It works like a charm! Draws only 4mA @ 5V, Throttle action gives 3.1V span. (0.7V to 3.8V). There are actually two potmeters/hall sensors inside the throttle. These circuits operate isolated from each other. The other potmeter/hall sensor has a span of only half (1.6V) of the first. (0.33 to 2.0V)

throttle test
scope throttle
connector tyco

Throttle Pinout of E46 pedal


10th of jul:

This weekend I spend my time on various little things. Finshed the third battery box, removed the old 12V starter cable which ran under the carpet of the passenger seat.. About everything had to come out just to remove that 12V cable :-)

But I also decided a start had to be made on the pedals. Removing the accelerator and clutch was done in just minutes. The visual result of removing the pedals is rather odd. Quickly I ran inside to get the electronic gas pedal just to ease my mind a little on how it would look.

pedals out

Meh, its still looks odd, but it will have to do.

drive by wire

I still have to install the wires and find a way of mounting the pedal.

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