Motor Pick-up / Let's go to Italy!

Last weekend I used my petrol car to drive all the way to Italy. Mission Bergamo. A 2400+ km trip. Call it a mini vacation, call it irresponsible, but it certainly was fun!

The trip went from the Netherlands to Munchen, from Munchen to Bergamo-Ranica, from there we drove for hours through the alps. And at night fall we headed for the last stop Basel in Switzerland.

During our trip we visited Electro Vehicles Europe (EVE) in Bergamo Ranica, they have just moved to their current office location which they where busy to tidy up as I arrived. Everyone at EVE was very friendly and helpful, before I knew it they had lifted the 60kw and 80kg heavy induction motor into the trunk.

Here are some pictures, more pictures can be found in the "Photo's" section on this website.

alps porsche
alps castle
germany munchen

swiss_via_cons.jpeg Δ

m3ac60 trunk
alps castle
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