2nd of October

Twelve volts is ready. All primay components are installed. It has to be tidied up still.

fuse box

Also I received a very nice gift from Martijn ( Electric Volvo 245), an Anderson SB175 disconnect. A nice yellow chunky connector to (dis)connect the 12V battery.

twelve volt emer disconnect

9th of September

Last weekend I made a box to hold the 12 volt battery. Four 130Ah LiFePo4 (brand: CALB) cells will be used to make the 12Volt battery. 130Ah should provide more than enough energy for the lights, power steering and defog a window in winter conditions.

calb box

It is very similar to the other battery boxes, only that it relies fully on aluminium to support it's weight. The weight bearing down on the supports is not that much though. (15kg) Also in case it would fail, it does not drop out under the vehicle, instead it will then rest on top of the front torsion bar.

twelve volt inplace

Not only does the battery box support the batteries, it also provides the mounting points for the inverter.

motor controller

This shows how much (or little) space is left between the motor and the 12V battery box. Just enough to route the motor wires.

just fits

More 12 Volt updates soon.

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