Motor Controller

2nd of October Time rushes by. So does the progress with installing the motor controller. Sadly I has not taken time to make more pictures of the motor-controller unboxing. But I hope the following picture can set your mind at ease :).

Its all connected, bolted up, configured, ready to go!

wavesculptor200 installed

For mounting the wavesculptor and the twelve-volt box, I used blind-nuts. These are magical nuts. Drill a hole,de-burr it, add some paint to prevent rust. Insert the blind-nut, use a special blind nut rivet tool and voila:

blind nut
blind nut2

9th August Today the the Wavesculptor 200 motor controller arrived. This unit will drive the 3-phase AC motor. It converts the DC battery voltage to an AC voltage on which the voltage, frequency and current will be controlled.

It is rated for 450Vdc battery, 300A motor current. Right on par for my 60kW AC motor which has a 90kW limit @ 300A for 60seconds.


More unpacking pictures and information soon.

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