Installation of the Electric Motor

28th of August

Today was the big day. The time had arrived where the motor had to be installed into the Z3. All the months of careful planning and making measurements after measurements will now hopefully pay off. The aluminium adapter-plate and motor-mount have to be a perfect match for each-other to make the installation of the motor successful. Any error will translate into drive-train losses or worse, a motor that does not fit.

Motor Mount Design

Three weeks earlier I had contact with, a company specialized in making custom parts for equipment and (race-)cars. Even though I have no mechanical engineering back-ground, they understood my question regarding the motor-mount immediately and after a few emails & drawings they started fabricating.

motormount v3 front

the Motor Statue

To transfer the mounting hole pattern of the transmission onto the motor, I needed a way to position the motor vertically. A custom wooden stand proved itself to be an ideal solution for this.

motor stand

Moment of truth

motor install0
motor install

Before welding:

motor mount1

After the welds are made. It's perfect!

motor mount3

The installation of the motor is a fact! All the hard work had paid off. Making the first drive is finally within reach. :-)

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