Before starting the actual engine removal I made sure that I had circled the car atleast a dozen times. Am I really going to pull this out? What tools do I need? An engine hoist, a proper (semi) long reach jack with rubber pad, 6 ton jack stands, more sockets and spanners! I never had to buy more sizes of sockets or spanners, The BMW apparently likes to use sizes other than I ever had to use on other cars. Never the less , my tool board started to get crowded quite nicely.

Oh, the fuel must come out first. The Service Book did not describe the 1.8 Z3 model I had exactly. It did include the 1.9, so I thought that would be practically the same. NOT! The fuel relay was nowhere to be found! After searching on the internet I have found a comment that the relay was in the left under the dash board. Removing the dashboard trimming required me to remove the whole center console. Removing the center console is a whole journey on its own as it took me a while to figure out it had to be pushed towars the heater box before it could come out.... I guess not being a mechanic can not go unnoticed.

Carefully lifting and moving forward. Trying to avoid the precious steering rack and ABS pump. The motor somehow had an extreme affection trying to hit these on its way out....

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