Drop the Subframe

Finally I have made the decision to take the fuel tank out. In order to do so the whole rear subframe has to come out. Without a bridge and being a first timer it took just over 8 hours.. It took so long because of three things.

1 the brake rotors were rusted on, could not get them of without soaking them in WD40 over night. They popped right off in the morning.

2 the repair manual forgot to mention there where 4 hidden bolts holding the subframe.. Being a first timer I did not know that they existed nor did I knew something was holding on.

3 these 4 hidden Allen bolts came out quite easily. Well 3 of them did. the fourth one stripped its head! Ooh no! A stripped Allen, no one wants that. I went back inside for a cup of coffee. After I was calmed down I got back at it.. Liberality started spraying WD40 at the surroundings of the stripped Allen bolt like there was no tomorrow. Hit it hard with a small hammer for about 20 to 30 times. Chose a Torx bit that would just barely fit. gave it good pull... Loud as a shotgun the bolt came free. Hooray!

So 1 hour of work and 7 hours of fiddeling with troubled rotors, hidden bolts and stripped Allans.


These are the pesky hidden allan bolts locations. Looking from the left wheel arch to the right subframe bolt location. Two on each side:

subframe bolst
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