VN/ECE R10 EMC Tests

10th of august

Today was the big day when the EVZ3 was tested for EMI/EMC compliance according to the european VN/ECE R10 EMC regulation. Compliance to this regulation is mandatory for all (electric) motor vehicles that are to be introduced onto european roads. Since 2011 April 1st (no joke) also individuals who convert their car to electric have to comply with this regulation. In many news papers and online weblogs this caused quite a stirr in the DIY mentallity towards electric cars. It was proposed to be the end of DIY electric cars.... Luckely that is just banter as here today is the proof ;)

About the VN/ECE R10 EMC tests. The R10 decribes two tests. Radiated & Immunity. Radiated tests are performed to measure the radio interference emitted from the vehicle. The radiated emissions are measured from 30 to 1000MHz. The emissions must be under a strict limit to prevent interference with other electronic devices or radio/telivision broadcast services.

Immunity is to test if the vehicle is immune to external radio sources. It is subjected to a very powerfull radio source. According to the R10, the EVZ3 was subjected to 30Volt/meter. The immunity tets spans from 20 to 2000MHz.

The EVZ3 passed emission and immunity with excellence. According to the EMC test engineers it is one of the most 'quiet' (emc wise) car's they have had tested.

Here are some snapshots from the (10 meter) EMC Anechoic test chamber with a rolling road.

evz3 immunity 1-2GHz
evz3 emc tested
evz3 immunity

Here's the emission measurement AVG & Peak

evz3 avg 10m
evz3 peak 10m
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